It started with toy cars when you were three, blossomed with that beautiful (in your eyes) first Junker, and now screams out from the various 'projects' that fill your garage and driveway.
You are a Caroholic!

A cleaned radiator is no help for Mildred.  The 1939 Packard is finished up by its new owner!  The Yamaha gets finished up and sold!  The Cougar and Jaguar both cough up hairballs!  Wildflower meets 'The Leslie Special'!  The Centaur gets out for a run!  A pinched wire shorts the TC'S brake lights!  The Yamaha takes to the road!  'Fred' wins an ODMA Senior Award!  The Jaguar gets new shoes.  A long tour for Mildred.  Two shows, two firsts for Wildflower!  Rodney finally runs properly!  Wildflower gets her Nerf bumpers.  Another stray 'Cat' finds a home.  The Sonata gets new brakes.
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